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Mind Clarity has a new project launching: 'Listening Ear'
Supporting you in your mental wellbeing journey

We are excited to launch our new program, 'Listening Ear' 🗣👂

Our volunteers are here for whether you need a sympathetic ear, are trying to process difficult emotions, or just want a chat after a hard day. We will be there for you and we can currently offer support in both Arabic and English!

Initially, this program is planned to run once a week via online sessions (google meet) every Tuesday, between 3pm-5pm. We are offering 20 minutes slots for booking. You'll be free to talk about your worries completely confidentially and without judgement to volunteers who are educated in mental health support*.

Please email: for further details or to be added to our waiting list. Please ensure that you provide your full name and a contact number if you want to register.

Each weekly session has 6 slots, the first session being held on 28th February!

*Volunteers have mental health education but are not qualified/certified counsellors. For counselling services, please see the 'counselling' tab on our website.

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