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Asylum Seekers

We offer free counselling sessions to those who have fled war and violence in the hope of building better lives. 


We offer a safe space for people to process their trauma and discuss the difficulties of transitioning to living in the UK.

Any donations are directed solely to this cause. 

Please consider donating below or getting in touch to ask for more details about this community project.

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first steps to counselling
breaking the stigma ​

Counselling can be an intimidating prospect for a lot of people, with many not even knowing where to start. At Mind Clarity, we understand this and are here to provide a safe and relaxed environment that focuses on promoting mental health awareness and education. Our 'First Steps to Counselling' project aims to break the stigma surrounding seeking professional help. Whether you just want a cup of tea and a chat or would like to discuss our more formal counselling options, we will be here to help.

Free to attend, refreshments provided and questions encouraged. Together we will break down the stigma of accessing mental health support. 


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Any donations are directed solely to this cause. 

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Mindful Tuesdays

One-to-one support for polish women



Every Tuesday between 10-12pm a volunteer will be available for one-to-one peer support.

This service aims to support Polish women with any mental wellbeing struggles. This is not formal counselling, rather a chance to have an informal chat and relax in a safe, welcoming environment.

contact via email to register interest:

This is a free service located at:

The Lauries, 142 Claughton Road,

Birkenhead, CH41 6EY





Any donations are directed solely to this cause. 


Group or 1 to 1

Art therapy uses art materials, like painting, drawing or clay to explore thoughts and feelings. We use art to express things that are too difficult to say
with words.

Art therapy can be very helpful to deal with traumatic experiences. Through art we can come to terms with the past, heal and build a stronger sense of well-being.

“ a medium to address emotional issues which may be confusing and distressing..”


Art Therapy available in Groups or 1-to-1
Sessions currently held at:

Wirral Mind - Tuesdays 12-1.30

Hearts4Refugees - Wednesdays 11.30-1

Wirral Ways - Fridays 10.30-12


Contact us at for more details or apply below 


Art Class
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