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We understand that counselling needs to be the right fit for the client.

That's why we offer multi-lingual therapists trained in a range of counselling approaches, in either face-to-face sessions or from the comfort of your own home via telephone or video call app.


All of our therapists and trainee therapists are members of UK accredited professional bodies which ensures a high level of training, ethics and professionalism (please see the BACP, NCS and UKCP for more details).



To book, please complete our referral forms below depending on what Counselling Project you are eligible for.



If you live in the Wirral and are an asylum seeker or refugee please apply for our FREE counselling via our referral form below:

UK & International:

If you are looking for affordable multi-lingual counselling (or just English speaking), please complete our referral form below:

Youth Counseling

Student Counselling:
We are looking for Student Counsellors, if you are interested in a placement with us

Please Contact:

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