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Mind Clarity CIC

 Passionate about support, education and community. 

We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) that offers counselling in a range of modalities and languages to our valued clients. We give back to the community with local projects designed to make an impact, and we are always looking at developing support and education opportunities for our fellow professionals. 

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What We Offer

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Counselling Services

We offer affordable, remote counselling via video call apps, with a range of qualified counsellors in different modalities and languages.


People are not one size fits all and counselling doesn't need to be either.  

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Community Projects

We strongly support working with those less fortunate than ourselves and are committed to giving back to our community. 

We provide counselling free of charge to asylum seekers and refugees as they embark on a new life and transition.

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Professional Development

We want to connect with our fellow counselling peers and help develop our field and profression.


Let's talk about what opportunities we can provide; from volunteering, paid work, workshop spaces and educational events.   

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What Our Clients Say


“We fled Syria due to the war and I lost many family members and lived through many horrific things. I was able to see an Arabic speaking counsellor who helped me with how I was feeling."


“After attending my counselling sessions I have been able to learn to not fear my traffickers.

I was able to build a new safe life.l became drug-free, attended college and am hoping to be a teacher in the future.”


“With one-to-one counseling sessions, I was encouraged to explore a happy life, advised on breath exercise,  sleep techniques and much more. Words can not express how grateful I am, you heard and understood me at a time when I was at my worst.”

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